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My son is 8 years old,his immunity is very low he gets sick very soon can any one help me how to increase his immunity. He is under weight


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He needs to eat lots of vegetables, fruit and wholegrains to get his vitamins, as these boost a weak immune system. Perhaps a kids vitamin supplement might be required. Try to eliminate any junk or processed food from his diet and prepare fresh healthy meals with complex carbohydrates, vegetables and protein. Make sure he is getting enough sleep (at this age he needs 10 - 11 hours at nigh, so if he needs to be up at 6 for school, he needs to be in bed at night by 7-8pm), as sleep is very important ALL the time for maintaining a healthy system, not just when you are sick. Also, fresh air and exercise are important.


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Sarah - posted on 11/12/2013




Yes! Make sure he gets enough sleep and exercise. Very important for immune strength.

Vitamins C and D are good to take as supplements. Vitamin C can be given until his stools start to get loose. then you know his body has enough. But it needs to be given regularly since your body excretes it at a very high rate.

Probiotic bacteria are vital for good immunity. You can get them from fermented foods like yogurt and kim chi. But supplements are also good. Renew Life Is a good company with good quality products.

I would also highly recommend looking at this article. It has a lot of good immune boosting foods listed, recommended by a doctor:

Ritue - posted on 08/24/2013




Thanks Jodi but I am doing all these things since he was 4 but nothing working earlier doctors use to say it is because of his tonsils I got them removed when he was 6 n it even made his immunity worst now he is sick every month I am not sure for what kind of vitamins must I give him which can develop his imunity :(
Thanks once again for your suggestion

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