Implantation Bleeding?

User - posted on 10/02/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi there :)

I've been off birth control for 3 months now. This last month we actually tried following my cycle and made sure to have sex when I was fertile. Anyways, idk if it's all in my head but the last week or so I've noticed I'm very tired lately, often taking long naps in my day!! Also noticing a bit of nausea between when I wake up and lunch time. My breasts aren't sore however they feel just more heavy. Today I started a very light bleed. It looks pinky and a bit of red but more pink, at times it also looks to have a brownish tint. It goes from barely nothing to being visible when I wipe. Nothing in my underwear so far. Mild cramping today as well. I am not expecting my period for another week almost (6 days).

Could this be implantation bleeding?:)

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