implatation bleeding or period?

Paige - posted on 07/02/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




on sunday i was suppose to get my period, and i felt abit cramping and went to the washroom.. seen light bleeding, happened for 2 hrs atleast then started going light to a pinkish/orange glossy looking discharge blood. Got bad cramps that i had to take tynenol, and went to bed . woke up with a few drops and started bleeding abit more and it stopped. Had a few blood clots, mostly this one where i felt it and looked at it. Woke up today and barely had much, changed my pad once and before i went for a hot tub i had a huge spot of blood then stopped. Im no longer bleeding, no cramping or anything. Usually my periods are on time, last 4-6 days and its really heavy. My last period was 4 days long and late 6 days. What is happening? i need advice.

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Ebonee - posted on 12/31/2015




Hey my name is Ebonee in everybody I am going through the same thing but idk if mine is different I just want answers it's been roughly 5 days. My first two days was light pink then light brown on the third day I was spotting and it got heavier I felt wet went to wipe it was watery then I had a sharp stabbing pain in my right side in it went down right leg as well. So the 4 day at night I had cramping in my legs and feet I was scared I said I have never had a cycle like this. So today Iit's still watery when I get up I feel like I'm urinating on myself it's scary. But two weeks bbefore tthis it was pregnancy symptoms that included: frequent urination, urge to throw up, tired, loss of aappetite I hav never eexperienced leg cramps during my cycle bbefore can anybody help.

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