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To start off, me and husband has been living with his mother to help support her for the past few years because her husband wouldn't. She has enough health issues. So she doesn't need to be in bad situation like being homeless. She's getting to where she can't even hardly work anymore. Anyways, they are currently going through a divorce and her lawyer said it would be quick and easy since all her kids were grown. Anyways being the selfish, spiteful man he is, he got served Monday and he's starting to threaten to have our son taken away (who's two). We make sure he eats everything he needs to (but he's still small for his age. His Dr and the health department assumes its because my husband and I were both runts too). He eats all the time but he's very spunky and active (like any two year old) so of course he's kinda small. His genetics won. But my father in law n ries to take photos suggesting that we hurt him (which obviously isn't true or he wouldn't be clingy to us all the time and I won't even kill a bug so I'm pretty sure I wouldn't hurt my own child). Our child has never had to gone without anything. He's definitely spoiled so he has no right to threaten us and we can't make him leave even though we pay majority the bills because they're still married. It isn't the first time he's threatened us but Monday he also tried to drag him into it (by taking him to my sister in laws down the road) so that when the police came, they wouldnt do anything to him if he was in trouble. I told him no and so did my mil but he picked him up to take him anyways but she took him from him and he left threatening to tell the police lies like we neglect him. I've confronted him loads of times but he just won't listen. I just don't know what to do anymore because I don't want our child getting dragged into the mess. He acts like our child is his even though he has five other grandkids that he has hardly nothing to do with (because they don't like him because they know better). Now he expects us to let him spend time with our child everyday even after all this trouble he's been. If we can't trust him why should we let him. No one deserves to grow up without a parent. It's selfish to even make that threat to someone. I just don't know what to do anymore and he has to be out in 19 days but his car just conviently doesn't work so he has to use my mil which is the car my husband needs to go to work. So we can't just leave. He's intentionally making this mess messier out of spite. How should I handle everything for my child? My husband can't confront him because his dad's been awful his whole life and doesn't trust himself not to hurt him.


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I'm so sorry you're in this situation, what a shame, why can't we all get along?!!! That's why is true that we don't chose our family, we choose our friends. I think your case is extra sensitive since your FIL"s is being so difficult and threatening to cause legal problems to everyone using your child as leverage, no little or simple matter. I think is time to notify the police, everyone's safety is very important and you and your husband are responsible for caring and providing a safe home environment for everyone. If you'll like professional advice, call 1-855-382-5433. This a counseling and referral number from a family advocacy group that I wholeheartedly trust. I'll be praying for all of you.

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It is fine. I deleted the extra posts.

Well, he has to leave in 19 days, so regardless of his car working or not, he has to move. You husband quite frankly needs to grow up, and confront his dad. He is an adult. Get over it, and handle the situation. He doesn't have to fear him anymore, he has a family of his own which is his first responsibility to protect.

Stop letting him use the car. He will NOT get custody of your child. If your child is healthy and not in an abusive situation, all doctors appointments confirm he is healthy, nothing will be done unless there is provable neglect. CPS does not just take the kids and place them with family members only on one persons claim. They might do an investigation, but if there is nothing to find, it will be fine.

If the lawyer is worth anything, he will make sure your MIL gets some sort of alimony and assistance.

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