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Melinda - posted on 06/12/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




My fiance and I have 5 acres. And his parents live in a camper on our property.  We have had many problems. Not only I and his mom but his father and sister as well. They create a lot of tension and his father says we are never going to work out. He says mean and hurtful things. And has even called me the B word. When my fiance and I got into a fight over how his family treated me it got  bad. So his father told him that if he stayed with me he would be fired from his job. Seeing how his dad is his boss. He said he would have to  chose his job over me. I have asked him time and time again why can't we just live alone on our property.  My fiance says he wants them here and if I can't handle it he would understand.  That this is what he has to offer. His father will never like me. Is it healthy to live  somewhere you are not liked? And is it wrong for you to want to live with your fiance and children in peace? They can afford to get a place they just chose not to. So am I wrong for wanting them to leave.They say their son wants them here. What's a girl to do. Stay and live on a battle ground and fight for your love. Or run like the wind to find happiness that is not a constant battle? Now he's canceled the wedding and it's heart breaking. We are meeting with our pastor tomorrow. Do you think I'm wrong to want my family left alone. I feel if you don't like me don't come around.


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Looks like he's made his choice.

Make sure you have paperwork for your 1/2 of the land, and any children he needs to support and get yourself an attorney.


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Michelle - posted on 06/12/2014




The other ladies have said it all. He is choosing his family over you, I wouldn't be marrying him.
Like Shawnn said, make sure you get yourself a lawyer and get what you're entitled to.

Jodi - posted on 06/12/2014




He is choosing a job and his parents over you. Why would you want to marry that?

~♥Little Miss - posted on 06/12/2014




I think I would have to leave that situation. I would not want to raise my children in that environment. That is just my opinion.

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