In need of Christmas help

Michelle - posted on 11/20/2013 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hi! My husband recently lost his job and does not qualify for unemployment since his previous claim ran out. I have 2 daughters to figure out how to provide Christmas for. Luckily my family has been paying our utilities & mortgage for us so we don't lose our home. Since we are in a small town we have no where to turn. Can you please help us out?


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Ev - posted on 11/21/2013




You said your family was providing your payments for utilities and mortgage. That is kind of them. But you need to look into the churches and other organizations the others suggested for help to get your kids something for Christmas. What about the Angel Tree? What about the school counselor? My friend had a lot of Christmas' where she had to go to the school for help and even the Angel Tree. I have had a hard time some years doing for my own kids but I went to the Family Dollar stores, Dollar General and got things I thought they would like and I went without for Christmas. This year my son and I are going to take a stocking for each other and fill it with a few goodies for our Christmas day. Believe me, we do have the means to have a Christmas but I thought it would be a good lesson for him to learn what it was like to only get what was in the stocking and nothing more. We both always had something growing up. So anyway....try those places.

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Even "small towns" have charity organizations, churches, women's groups, etc.

Michelle - posted on 11/21/2013




This isn't the place to ask for money. I have already deleted 1 post.
I would suggest going to your local church or charity and see if they can help you.

Sara - posted on 11/20/2013




one idea is go to a family dollar store or dollar general they toys cheap if your daghters are not to old for toys or they have all kinds of gift sets if they r older you may aslo want to ckeck you local salvaction army sometimes they give stuff to peoiple in need

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