In need of some serious help in disciplining my 16yr old daughter with cystic fibrosis

Heather - posted on 12/11/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter Sydney is 16. She's a sophomore in HS and has cystic fibrosis. Which anyone whom knows about this terribly disease, knows daily care is absolutely needed. Sydney has become very defiant, breaking rules of our home, skipping classes and most of all, lying about everything! What happened to my precious girl whom wanted to be a nurse and work hard so achieve her goals?? Seriously, what the hell happened?! I've tried everything from taking away iPods, Internet access, we won't go there on how that happened however in sure if u use your imagination, u will get it! So I've literally done everything, including counseling. She goes wkly still now. But nothing is working at all and I'm so afraid she is going to A-get into some serious trouble B-end up hurting herself as far as her treatments go and the lack of them unless I'm on her case 24/7, which is what I'm doing now. And C-and this is the most terrible of all, give up completely and watch my precious girl perish. I don't know what or how to go about this anymore and it's truly tearing a hole in my heart. I'm resenting her by the day. I never thought I would ever be in a position like this. Please help! I'm in need of some out of the box help with these situations besides grounding an taking away stuff. Anyone out there in to non conventional punishment?? Thanks so much!

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