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hi, my 18 month old baby is not eating well lately and am very worried. am a busy working mum and spend less time together with her. can i get some suggestion on how to improve her appetite?


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JazzyGirl - posted on 01/27/2016




Well is she eating? then if so you've got nothing to worry about. Young children typically go through stages when it comes to food. My son went through a period around that age where he wasn't eating anything at all, and it really worried me to the point where I asked the doctors about it. They told me children often do this and he will eat when he's ready. I went out and bought some pediasure and things like fruit cups yogurt and applesauce just so he'd have some form of nutrients in his system. That only lasted for a while though and eventually he got back to eating. Now he is five and has a very healthy appetite. I think we go through our scares sometimes as parents but it could be worse. Just be happy knowing that she's eating and knowing that your providing the meals for her.

Dove - posted on 01/27/2016




Young toddlers generally don't need to eat much. What may seem like hardly anything to you might be a perfect amount for your child.

If she is active and thriving and not filling up entirely on milk... don't be too worried about what she does or does not eat. Just keep offering her a variety of healthy options throughout the day and trust that she will take what she needs.

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