in which month does preterm baby start crawling

Ambika - posted on 11/06/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




my boy baby have to born 32 weeks,now he has 6 month old but he wont crawling ?


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Lacye - posted on 11/12/2013




My son was born full term but due to some problems he had after birth, he is a little behind developmentally. He started crawling about a week ago and he is about 9 months. Enjoy your baby now before he is mobile. After that, you will have NO rest. :D

Ambur - posted on 11/07/2013




You adjust the milestones by subtracting how many weeks early your child was from your child's actual age. So that would put him at just over 4 months on the milestone chart. 6 months is average for a baby born at term. Your baby should be crawling around 8 months. But that's not set in stone. some babies crawl early others later. My little man crawled at 5 months and then walked at 9 months and a week. That is very early. (and just a tad bit draining! enjoy the less mobile baby!!!) My friend's baby started crawling at 5 months, but just started taking her first steps at a year old.

All babies are different. It is especially important to remember that your little one was preterm when comparing milestones!

Jodi - posted on 11/07/2013




He sounds normal. Every child varies, but most children aren't crawling at 6 months. As long as he is crawling by the time he is about 1 he is totally normal. Just remember, that some babies don't ever really crawl properly. They go straight to walking!

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