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i'd like to first start off that my son is 7 years old he was put into a behavior class this February for fighting talking out leaving his class room inappropriate conversions and the list goes on....I am struggling here and at a loss...No matter if i control what he is watching what is said around him his environment he still acts out....I have a referral threw my doctor to get him in with a pediatrician to confirm if he is add/adhd or odd and a possible medication plus myself and he have been working with a child center but at the end of the day I would be helpful just to talk to parents that also deal with these daily struggles and issues...
For example everyday I have a agenda sent home outlining his day...
today he apparently had a discussion with a girl(8) in his class they had started by saying the word dick and then continued by saying you can touch what's in my pants where did and is this coming from I am so upset and trying to talk to a 7 year old about this and why he would say this has got me no where he thinks it's funny and should not be taking seriously...
Please help :(


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Leslie - posted on 06/08/2016




He is definitely hearing these types of things somewhere. Does his father help to control what he sees/hears as well as you? If he takes the school bus it is also possible he is hearing/seeing things there as well and even on the playground.

It is also very possible that he is doing all of this for attention or as a coping mechanism for something that is bothering him. Has the school counselor worked with him at all? Have you considered a private counselor? If you would like to call 855-382-5433, Focus on the Family can provide a free phone consultation with a licensed counselor - that might be a good place to start at least.....

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