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Sandra - posted on 03/31/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




I got my daughter a shirt that I'm not a brat, I have austism" I'm not sure if that is appropriate for her to wear to school any suggestions?


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Jodi - posted on 03/31/2015




Well, I personally don't like the term "brat" and autism interchanged, because a child with autism CAN still be a brat. You can't write off all behaviour as "oh, it is because he has autism". And yes, I've seen parents do that, and it's crap. Even children with autism can learn to control many of their behaviours, but there are parents out ther that use it as an excuse. I see this t-shirt as an excuse for behaviour in its use of the term "brat".

Besides the fact I don't think you need to advertise it. Children don't need a big advertisement like that to TELL everyone they are different. I just don't see the point to the t-shirt - it certainly isn't for her benefit that I can see.

Chana - posted on 03/31/2015




I love the idea of the shirt! However I am not sure it would be appropriate for school. I guess it depends on what the kids are like at her school. Kids can be cruel so I am not sure if you want to encourage them to be cruel by telling them she has autism. On the flip by telling them that there is a legitimate reason for her behavior it may encourage the more respectful kids to be nice to her. Maybe check into the schools dress code policy to make sure there isn't something in there about shirts with sayings on them. I know some schools do not encourage shirts with sayings. I know this really didn't help much but hopefully it gave you something to think about.

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