Inappropriate words/thought in adopted drug exposed child...

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Our adopted daughter from birth got detention today for telling a bully boy to kiss a hairy weiner- ;-0 so naturally her teacher is concerned due to the statement- the other children all tattled of course- I'm so humiliated- she normally is a very good girl (spoiled and a bit bratty) and doesn't talk like that EVER! I asked our daughter about it and she said that she made the sentence up because he pushed her head into the tetherball pole- I explained it would have been best to go report his behavior to the on duty aid versus getting angry and saying such an inappropriate statement and she agrees but I am still bothered. She was exposed inutero to drugs badly. Is this behavior commom with Drug exposed children- I know she has little to no sense of cause and effect; has a hot temper and has trouble staying on task but this is a new thing that is shocking...


Jodi - posted on 09/04/2012




This doesn't sound like anything to do with her being a drug exposed child. To me, it sounds pretty normal. Not appropriate, but kids do stuff like this all the time (make inappropriate statements). How old is she? Personally, I don't find it that shocking. It happens. She's probably heard the term on TV before or something. As long as she understands that it was inappropriate, that's what's important. Every kid can display inappropriate behaviour at times, and yes, it is disappointing, but it is normal.


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Also I questioned her in depth to be sure she has had no one make her do such a thing or has seen that sort of thing somewhere and she said no- she seemed to be truthful and we are very careful to who she is around... There is no way it would have happened in our home and she simply stated she made up the sentence to make the boy mad.

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