incisional hernia repair from csection... so scared

Darcy - posted on 06/29/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Ill give a quick run down. Due to placenta abruption I had an emergency vertical cut c section, this turned into an infection and after going through a wound vac the wound still would not heal, they went back in and did a wound debrievement. After this, my wound did nit have an infection but did not close for 3 months and my husband and a nurse had to do wet to dry packs in it for 3 months. Now it turns out 2 years later I have an insicional hernia from it and im getting it repaired in 4 weeks. Im really scared to have anothwr infection and although ive just lost 70 pounds I have quite a lot of belly fat, making it hard to heal. On top of that, im worried about getting pregnant again because wouldn't that split the mesh? Also I hear so many horror stories amd law suits over the mesh and the body rejecting it, what have other moms experiences been like? Lastly, they are going to try and repair it laproscopically, but said depending on scar tissue when they get in there they may have to cut me open, which would mean a very long healing time which is hard to do when I have a baby who just turned 2. Please semd me your advice, experiences, anything in dealing with this!

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