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Our baby girl is 2 months old (however she was born 7 weeks premature). She suffers with terrible gas at the same time every night, up until last night she was consolible, but last night she cried and cried for hours. We tried everything, she wasn't hungry, she wasn't wet, we swaddled her, tried to console her, but nothing helped. PLEASE HELP!!!


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I agree with Angie about the bath. You could take a wash cloth and wet it with warm water. Then place it on the tummy. Next curl the legs up with the knees to the upper tummy. It helps the gas to escape. Gas drops is another thing too. If you are nursing, you need to cut out foods that cause gas peppers, onions and beans. What you eat goes into the milk. If formula, some babies cannot tolerate iron formulas so they get gassy.

Janine - posted on 01/22/2009




Sounds like colic..... Possibly gripe water, rubbing baby's belly in a warm bath, let baby lie on her stomach for a little while. She might find it soothing. Might make it a little easier for the gas to escape. What kind of bottles do you use?? I would advise using Playtex Ventaire Advanced bottles... they have an angled neck and an air vent at the bottom so air can escape and not end up in baby's tummy. Hope this helps some!!

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