indecisive abou baby number 2?

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Anybody keep changing their mind last minute about having a second child?



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Brianna - posted on 07/15/2012




i think using plan B that many times is very irresponsible. stop trying unless ur sure. your daughter will be just fine having a sibling even if there is some jelously at first but she will be happy having a sibling threwout life later. i have a friend who is a only child and she always tell me how she wishes she had siblings. Ur poor hubby must be going crazy u need to make a decision cuz its no fair to him. have u thought about what he wants like does he want another one or not?? its normal for parents to have second thoughts about having baby #2 but going out and getting plan b is going to far.

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then id be happy with the child if there werent any pills. this is very silly....on the spot i freak out. buuut if i found out one day that im pregnant (without the knowledge) be jumping for joy!
on the spot and planning it freaks me be happy if it was a surprise because there will be no "what if"........ ill wait till shes older i guess. thank you for ur thoughts :)

~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/15/2012




It is fine to change your mind, but I don't think you are being very fair to your husband. If you are not ready, just stop trying for a little while so you have time to figure it out.

Your daughter will be fine with a sibling or as an only child. It is about how you raise them both. i was not sure I wanted another baby, and when I finally decided, we started trying. I have a 6yr old boy and a 2 year old girl. he loves his sister, and she adores him. There are times where I think back and miss being able to spend so much alone time with him, but he was also lonely.

It is yours and your husbands choice, but I think you are using emergency contraceptives willy nilly. What if there was no such thing?

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its feels like im betraying her,like she is still a little baby to me. im the time im sure it might be to late. maybe im meant to have one child, (even though i looove kids). i was ready...really happy....until i saw my daughter playing all cute and all then i freaked out! she would be the best sister in the world, so motherly. aaaaaaaaa

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