Independent, strong willed daughter - a daily battle for mum & dad!!!

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Our just turned 2 yr old, is a constant struggle with nappy change, getting dressed, getting into the car, taking to the supermarket, leaving pre-school for the name it, it's a battle!!

She's very strong willed and wont listen/do as she is asked. While we are in a routine, each thing we do results in her screaming and crying. For example, I get her ready for preschool each day at 8.10am - changing from PJ's to day clothes and this will take just over 10 minutes. It takes me around 30 minutes to remove her from preschool to getting her buckled into her carseat, as she is very strong and I can't physically hold her, she escapes and runs around the car & plays with the brake lever. Of course, we've tried bribery, distractions, food, toys. The only time she behaves is when there is someone else there to see it!!

Feels like I have absolutely no control over her, and she is walking all over me. I get angry and upset with her and it just results in me yelling. I think I'm an embarrassment at preschool!!! The teachers say that no other parents have had trouble getting their children to leave, I'm the last person to leave the carpark. Our little girl is really testing and pushing us to the limits. What other things can I try that I haven't done? Our Plunket nurse recommended behavioural specialist but surely this is just a typical toddler behaviour??


Jodi - posted on 08/06/2014




You've tried.....bribery, distractions, food and toys. I'm sorry, where are the consequences??? I'm not seeing any here.

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