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There are so many Indigo's on the planet today; they are part of 3 waves of Volunteers that came to the planet beginning in late 1940's. Many of the 1st wave did not make it, they are extremely sensitive, emotional and have physical issues. These are some of the same traits as the 2nd and 3rd wave. I have noticed one difference between the 1st and 3rd. The 1st would hold everything inside, where the 3rd will tell you as it is. Whatever wave, they are here to help the planet. If you are raising one of these children, some of the traits are they are sensitive, high energy, many get diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, can pick up on others emotions and lies, natural born energy healers, creative, musical, imaginative, Love the outdoors and crystals, but they don’t like it in Malls, to many emotions in a small area.

Due to the planetary shift, they feel the frequency coming from the milky wave or if a disaster is about to accrue. Many felt the emotions of the earthquake and tsunami of Japan way before it occurred. I personally felt it 2 weeks prior. These children need Trust, Communication, Respect and Unconditional Love. I will open a communities for Parents and even Indigo adults.


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I'm not quite sure I understand the point of this post, but...
Indigo is the colour of their chakras ♥

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Huh?! Am I the only one confused by this? I don't get it! I'm not a stupid person either. WHAT?

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I am an Indigo child with two generations after me.My oldest daughter definitely and my second daughter probably. My grand daughter most definitely!! I didn't have the understanding nor guidelines to flourish and fell into the darkness of this world. I have been diagnosed chronic depressive and felt toally crazy until four years ago when I met a wiccan priestess and she told me about Indigo children and how I was a lineage carrier. I thought it was a bunch of hooey but as I watched my above average intelligent high energy children I got it!! Still a bit skeptical I watched my grand daughter from day one and there IT was! She is the poster child of indigo children but with the restraint of careful instruction by her mother and me. She channels very well without interruption and it all came naturally. She is hyper sensitive to nature and its fairies and wood imps. I learned this one day when she and I had finished horseback riding and were walking the horse back down to the pasture. A grey bunny that hadn't quite lost all its fur from winter yet was very still next to the wooded pasture border and she saw it and named it and talked to it as if she' d known him (she said it as a him) forever. She began telling me a story of what this bunny experiences and all his friends and on and on. At first I thought what an AMAZING sense of imagination from a six year old but then she became very quiet and looked up at me and whispered, Nana we must be very quiet because the dark king is right underneath us. She stopped dead still and I noticed the bunny was still frozen where he was as well. Maddy refused to talk or move for a few minutes and then she whispered, its ok Nana we can walk now. She began telling me a story about the Dark King and how he frightened all the animals and children and how he lived underground. I don't remember much else she said because for real I was frozen!! My thoughts jumped to worldly things such as had someone been abusing her or frightening her! But she seemed as insistent that wasnt the case that this other world (she called it the other place) really existed. When I took her home that night I talked to my daughter for hours trying to get her to see Maddy is very special and needs special protection. I went to her room and cleansed it and placed amethyst and crystals all about. I placed a gem string in her only window and salted the sash. Maddy said she sleeps now and no nightmares anymore. She said she hasn't seen the Dark King in a long time but that the animals are still in danger.
A little note here ...I know I sound crazy. I know this sounds like I made it up but God as my holy witness I did not. I want to thank you for allowing me to have a space where I can just share my experiences and if they help someone else then I have achieved what I wanted to. If noone ever reads this then it is the way it was suppose to be. Blessings.

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[wikipedia] Indigo children is a pseudoscientific label given to children who are claimed to possess special, unusual and/or supernatural traits or abilities.

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Sharon, I am just as lost as you are, if not more bahahaha. I seriously don't get it.

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Everyone can join ...don't you know it is the information age and free to everyone =)

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??? What the hell are you talking about???

@Sharon honey you have to get with the new age here and really start getting clued in .You know...the indigos....

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