Inducing labor

Ashlee - posted on 10/06/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm 38 weeks pregnant... And miserable.
I tried castor oil last night and all it did was make me have to be on the toilet and gave me severe back pain all throughout the night.
My bf and I having been trying sex to help but nothing is working.... Any suggestions to get this show on the road! I'm ready to meet my little boy and not be miserable anymore!!!


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Cecilia - posted on 10/06/2013




It is no longer suggested to use castor oil because you can dehydrate yourself and put the baby in stress.

The last few weeks are always the worse, you just have to get through it and your baby will show up when it is ready. You just need to wait.

If you are in a ton of pain you can ask your doctor on their policies about inducing early. Some will, some refuse to unless it's absolutely needed. I will warn you induced labor is worse than normal natural labor.Also sometimes with induce labor it will do nothing for hours and then everything happens very quick which could mean they will not have time to do an epidural if you wanted one. So be careful what you wish for.

Jo Ann - posted on 10/06/2013




Patience. You do not need sex at this time. Try music or just talking to each other or play a game or watch a movie.

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