Infant eating meat??

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Ok so im confused! Is it necessary for an infant to have meat once they start solids? My son is 6.5 months old and i have not given him any meat (pureed jarred...ewww) and i dont really plan on it until maybe a year or so. Im just confused bc I hear different things about giving your child meat as part of their diet. I want to make sure he is getting everything he needs in his diet but is meat really necessary at this point???

Also, thoughts on the whole rice cereal thing?


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I only started giving Logan meat around 1. He's fine. Milk and other stuff has enough iron and protein. Rice cereal thing... I think it's bullshit. Porridge or weet bix are much more appealing to little kids and none of this constipation stuff happens with those.

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We gave our son minced meat from around 6 1/2 months, but if your not comfortable giving him meat as long as he is having a varied diet then it isn't necessary - vegetarians don't feed their kids meat and they are healthy enough.

I didn't like rice cereal, so I only used it to thicken some of the fruit purees as they could be a little runny and my LO didn't like runny puree.

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My daughter just started eating meat at 14 months. I don't think its a big deal because as long as everything else is balanced meat is not needed. I also never really gave either of my kids rice cereal except to thicken up some foods.

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I didn't feed my son meat until 8 or 9 months, when I could give him a strand of chicken or something and he would chew it down. I feel the same way about pureed meat in a jar as you do. Yuck! I didn't worry about it, cuz he was still drinking so much formula that he had lots of protein from that.

I tried rice cereal, gave my poor baby terrible constipation, and gave the rest of the box to a friend whose baby didn't have that problem. I did oatmeal instead.

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I think that meat sould be a part of a childs diet but everyone is different also if you don't want to use the ones in the jar you can puree it yourself with a little butter. But the choice is yours at the end of the day and if your not going to give him any meat just make sure you give him something that will have the protiens as meat.

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I used rice cereal only as a thickener. As for meat I would cook up ground trukey and feed it to my daughter. She was able to eat meat pretty quick since she got her teeth so early. I gave mainly chicken and turkey to her, she didn't get beef unitl about 9 months. By that point she had 8 teeth and could eat most things.

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