Infant Left sided weakness

Ericka - posted on 12/14/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son will be one this month (december)! I came across this site reading some really good feed back. My son will not use the left side of his body? He has been to his ped. only for him to tell my to take him to get eval. by a physical therapist. He has no clue what it may be. Mentally he is perfectly normal everything he should be doing at the age of one he is doing. Talking good eye response He get stimulated with pictures sounds and talking. He smiles so much and will yell and blab for ever. He loves the sound of his own yell. He acts perfectly normal with the right side of his body. He bangs his toys reaches out will gaze at his open hand suck his toes but, the left side his hand is always in a fist even if your pry it open its flimsy and will not stay open his left foot is always curled hes been like this since he was born me thinking he would grow out of it. Its almost starting to look club'd. When he is in his walker it will just drag he has to sence of it being there what so ever. He has faild all of his developmental milestones. He does not sit up hold his bottle or stand with supprt. When he sits with support he is slunched over he has no muscle support at all. He rolls and bear cralws to get everywhere and, his arm will just drag over. there is so many things I have came across of what it "might be" maybe he had a stroke? or maybe cerebral palsy or Brachial Plexus? I have tooken ever measure to find out what could have been gone wrong durring birth doc reports notes. Everything was normal so it's very frustrating to compair symptoms with anything. His delivery was normal no stress. destress or slow heart rate. I was prefectly healthy durring birth and pregnancy. I have tried everything in the book to help him with whatever it may be. I put soft balls in his left palm I sit and help support him so he can stand jump or something He LOVES to kick but, If anyone could give me a clue of something I could be missing? He hasent been evaluated were still waiting on a physical therapist to see him. He goes to his ped. Is there something Im forgetting to ask? PLEASE HELP. It's hard to think that this could be a life long problem for him =( something that could be permanent that will make him "different" in anyway. I just want closure. It's so unfair. God has a plan and I have no control.

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