Info on circumvallate placenta?

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Just wondering if anyone has ever delt with this...or has info.


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I have 2 children and 23 pregnant with my 3rd. When I delivered my 2nd child @ 38 weeks they discovered that I had a circumvallate placenta. During that pregnancy I had 5 ultrasounds and never once did they detect it. When she was born she had overall a healthy child but she had some trouble keeping her body heat up for the first little while. So, now that I'm pregnant again I'm wondering if I am more at risk to have it happen again since I already had one. So, I tried to do some research on my own. Then it got me thinking to when my 1st child, my son, was born. He was born on his due date but shortly after they realized that he had low blood sugar and low body temperature so he had to stay in the NICU for a couple of days. The nurses and doctors in the hospital asked me if I had high blood sugar during my pregnancy with him but I never since I had the test done and he wasn't born a big baby. They told me that because his was low mine was probably high. But after researching circumvallate placenta both of those actually result from that condition so it was likely I had it while pregnant on him as well. Something else that is an issue is low birth weight or the baby not gaining the weight like they should. When I had my 34 week u/s on my 2nd (the one where they saw the cirumvallate placenta) she was estimated at 6lbs but when she was born almost 5 weeks later she weighed 6lbs 1oz. I know that u/s can be off a lb either way but even if she was actually 5lbs at 34 weeks, 1 lb is not much weight gain for a baby at the end of pregnancy. I go to see my OBGYN on March 1st and I'm going to ask him about it (I have a different one on this pregnancy). The problem I found was that because it is so rare there is no good info on it out there. I hope this helps. If you have any questions or info to share please let me know. Thanks!! Take care!


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Is it also called placenta previa? Or is that something entirely different?

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Circumvallate placenta is thought to result from deep implantation of the placenta into the decidua. Because of this excessive implantation, the placenta covers more than half of the fetal sac. The placenta reduces this excessive covering to the normal one-fourth by separating from the uterine wall, with the resultant back folding of the placenta and fetal membranes towards the chorionic surface (5).

* Incidental finding with no associated complications (2).
* Increased incidence in multigravida (2,3).
* Increased incidence if the patient has had a previous circumvallate placenta (2,3).

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