Infomation on ADHD please?

Ellys - posted on 01/14/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I need to know lots of detail on ADHD. Such as, can a person with ADHD control them self in a situation where they want to shout out; make a silly noise; get up and move around etc? What goes through there mind when they are doing it. Why do they do it? What stimulates them to do it... Stuff like that and other stuff in general. Any facts of figures. Literally just lots of information on ADHD. Mainly stuff about how they feel in certain situation such as at school, at home, under the influence of alcohol, in front of unknown people. Would also be helpful is someone with ADHD would tell me how they feel. Lots of detail please! Would be a great help thanks! :D


Holly - posted on 01/14/2013




well, i do not have ADHD, I have ADD and so does my daughter, but they are rather similar in ways so perhaps i can help. ADHD does not mean someone is stupid, or bad. what happens is they have so much energy and they feel that their brain goes 100MPH and these thoughts and actions come out faster than they can control them. people CAN learn to control them as they get older... but it is HARD and can feel impossible, and in some cases IS impossible to completely control with out medication. You ask about alcohol, alcohol does lower people's cares, inhibitions, and ability to control themselves, so it does make it more difficult to control their impulses. You ask how it makes people feel, it makes them feel driven by this energy, it makes them feel embarrassed that they can't control their behavior, it makes them feel stupid that they can't be "normal"

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