Inforcing the eat your veggies rule, when Daddy doesn

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I have a family of 3, myself, my husband and a daughter, who just turned 2. As a whole we need to eat more healthy. I cook almost every night, but we don't not eat hardly any veggies. My husband is an extremely picky eater, who will not try anything new. He eats no veggies, no fruit, no fish, no sauces or condiments, won't try wheat get the idea. This not only limits our healthy meals, but doesn't give me the opportunity to try any new recipies. I am not sure how to fix this problem, is it fair for me to tell my husband that he is on is own a few nights a week, so I can make fish or recipies including veggies? 2nd question, even if I just make a veggie as a side(which I often do), how to I insist that my daughter eat some of her veggies, when her father will never touch them. I enjoy a lot of things he doesn't and it makes it hard. I often cook him steak and myself fish or what have you, but when it comes to getting her to eat something she may not want, or needs to get used to, how can I say, you need to eat this spinach dish while Daddy eats a hamburger or whatever. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated...She loves fruit, but she can not just eat carrots and corn as her only veggies(my hunband doesn't eat the carrots with her by the way).


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That must be REALLY hard. You're right, how ARE you supposed to get your daughter to eat fruits and veggies if dad won't? He needs to be on his own period.

She needs fresh fruits and veggies everyday. Unless you can get her to eat them during the day for lunch.

Maybe there are recipes he would enjoy that HAVE veggies if he tried them. There is the cookbook Deceptively Delicious. It's about hiding veggies and healthy foods from kids lol, maybe you can hide them from hubby too.


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That must be really difficult. I am trying to introduce more veggies into my kids foods too. I will tell you a few of the things that i have come up with, Firstly, i try to serve meals in courses from least favourite to favourite. To get to the next course you have to have four bites of the first ect (make your own rules, lol) Another thing that i have recently discovered is that if i make his dinner cool - my son will have a go at it. Ie: Alien pie - shepherds pie with mashed peas n broccoli hidden in the mash and veggies hidden in the filling. It also helps with my sone to prepare him in advance - hype it up a little. "We are having alien pie tonight - it's really cool alien food" I know it sounds stupid but he loves it and it (mostly) avoids thedinner fights. As far as Daddy goes - either he joins in and eats what you guys eat or he can eat in secret. I am only starting to realise myself that we are setting our children's future habits. Good luck!! You are doing a good job!!

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Feed her when he is not home feed her early or later , Just tell him you cannot feed them at the same time because she needs to eat her veggies and he wont eat them . My husband use to not eat a lot of them but over time he has come around . I put cheese sauce on broccoli so he would eat it but I perfer it without . Just explain it to him . he will relent or eat later . My husband use to make comments on things he did not like and I told him to shutup or eat by his self he was making choices for the children when he did this the kids did not notice till it was drawn to their attenion by Dad .

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I cook what I like, if DH don't like it there is always bread and lunch meat. So I say yes to tell him he can cook for himself. I created a rule when my kids were younger you HAD to eat your veggies, its only a small portion. Or you could try them at first with a topping, cheese seasoning or something, I know not really healthy but its a way to start.

Good Luck

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