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Kayla - posted on 08/25/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello, I'm new here and need some advice.
I have a 12 week old baby and my Inlaws wanted to come and visit, well my fiances brothers wife was also due august 15th so instead of coming in august they showed up may 23rd! My due date wasn't even until June 9th. I was told that they would be staying on and off with me and my fiances brother. That Has not been the case they have maybe stayed there for a total of 2 weeks. Now they do not clean up after them selfs eat all my food don't help with cooking or cleaning or contribute money wise in any way. Intact if they want something they tell us to get it, not ask or offer to pay they just expect us to catter to their every need. Oh! And I forgot to mention that they brought their dog who gets intoy garbage almost every night and I end up cleaning the mess and then wines 24/7
Please help me I'm going crazy they were supposed to leave this week but I was just informed that now they are planning on staying till the end of September. Help!!!


Gena - posted on 08/26/2013




Woww, cant they think for them selfs to clean up,cook, pay for the food.I would talk to them and say seeing they are staying till end of september you would appreciate if they clean up after them selves and also pay towards food etc. If you dont want them there anymore talk to your fiance and make a plan to tell them nicely to leave. And get them to clean the mess from the dog,i am sure they are old enough to do it.You shouldnt have to be cleaning after your guests.

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