Innocent 7 year old Girl of Divorced Parents

Leticia - posted on 07/11/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 7 year old girl has been diagnosed with separation Anxiety, with ADHD with Intermitent Explosive Disorder among others... by her phsiquiatrist and she is under medical treatment ... She is out of state with her father for standard visitation after we divorced one year ago...She did not want to go with dad unless she was able to comunicate freely with mom so we decided a prepaid celular phone for a couple of weeks would be a great answer to her peace of mind. My girl left and for the next 3 days after her departure she was happy comunicating with text messages and voice messages with me... The fourth day she got nostalgic and left a sad message crying that she missed her home her pets and her mom.... Immediately after this message dad took the phone away from her and prohibit her to have any contact with me anymore. Dad promised to have our daughter back home in 7 days and now dad is opposed to deal with his promise and says he is entitled to keep her for the standard visitation of 42 days as the divorce decree reads... He has got only 14 days worth of medication to stabilize our child's emotional health and dad is not willing to continue with her medical treatment while on vacation. He says the doctor is wrong and that our little girl is just perfectly behaved and that meds are not necesary etc WHen I have contacted him after countless tries he refuses to let me talk to my child and says that I am only disturbing his peace of mind and to STOP disturbing their vacation together. What would you proceed in my case? Please HELP ASAP !


Carrie - posted on 07/12/2011




Contact a lawyer, hopefully the one that filed your divorce, asap. Withholding treatment for an established medical condition is abuse, contact the protective services for the area where your daughter is currently living and alert them. Do not whine, do not tell a long story, do not "try to get them on your side." Dispassionately tell them you are concerned, he has told you he is withholding the medical treatment and he will not allow you to talk to the child. Do not lie or "misstate" or "overstate" the truth. Have your medical records and doctor's name and contact information right there with you when you make the phone call. Do not delay. If she has had her medication (if that is what the "medical treatment" entails) abruptly taken from her do you know what her physical reaction can be? Let the protective services know. Call her physician asap and tell them what is happening and ask what they recommend. Did you get the father's agreement in writing? Via email? Have that available for the protective services. Do not get hysterical when talking to them. Be calm, be in control. If they ignore or pooh pooh your concerns with one phone call get the doctor's office to call AND your lawyer. Get a lawyer. Get a lawyer. Get a lawyer.

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