insecure partner now im starting to copy his thoughts

Thereasa - posted on 01/11/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




hey i need help of what to do. over a year ago i, i left my abuseive husband of 9 years and went with my friend who i had been seeing in the last 3 months of my broken marriage, was meant to be fun it turned into a relationship. since march he has had these silly thoughts in his head im going to cheat on him and he says i do things like both of his serouis he had with children. i love him so much i really thought i had found someone that i had never dreamed of. i can see whats good in him and i no once he comes through this it wioll be great again. he cant understand i can see those good things ive started to say im with you because not what you but who you are! i feel like everything he askes me to do something like drop off borrowed money for him to his mate if i stay there to long he will make a comment like did you spend the whole time there if i dont txt him all the time, so then i start to tell him what i did what times etc.. he then says i over explain and the only time he does that is when he is lieing. ive never lied to him ever and he told me am i telling the truth ive always have. im so at the point where saying i cant do this anymore. not only that im so sick of the pressure i have when it comes to his daughter because he doesnt have a license so i excepted to drive and re arrange my time with my kids and make them miss out on things cos im picking her up droppping her off its such a late night sometimes for my two and i get no thanks., and she isnt that good either she is mean to my youngest talks my oldest into laying in her room shutting the door saying craul things to her then she will be very nice if i give my daughter my phone to play on because she has taken my other child away to play with her. kids will be kids but he doesnt do anything about it, he will hug her after he tells her off. He is different with my children i think its because he is scared to get close to them and we end. ( well im sick of that thinking) now i struggle to treat his daughter like how i used to because i live my sayiing treat others the way you want to be treated its so im bedded in me i dont relise i do it. my mind is slowly starting to think negtive like what he does and speak negtive over everything just about. im not a negitive person and it does my head in. my day is down today because he swore in a txt message cos i was going on and on to make sure he doesnt get ideas in his head i didnt go back to sleep all because his phone didnt get the message till 9 this morning. ohhh my head is getting mixed up and i know he will get over it and ive told teh truth the whole way through and been faithful, loyal everything i could ask for back from someone like him and i love him like how i woukld like to be. now im think hes going to leave he trys to read me. i dont know what to do. i really dont know. im over him not accepting my past like how i accept his and i trying to imbed in him that im not going to repet the cycle again from my past relalationship!. please help me i dont want to leave but its hard on me.


Patricia Ann - posted on 01/11/2013




hello im trying to read this, its, um , well i sort of get both sides but wow,just make an honest packt to him and your self and the same goes for him that you two were both there when you to got together but in the event we start feeling different about eachother or your relationship that you begin more communicating about things so things stay honest and level.also instead of not telling the truth ,tell the truth its easier,and if one decides that they have a change of heart or feel that are going to have a change of heart, then tell the other one so it dosent blindside them,,out of now where.It keeps things real and not as painful and maybe you to could have a better time with one another in stead of anger ,mistrust,resentment and all that other emotional build up.....try it it couldnt hurt....good luck

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