Insistent teenager refusing to take meds?

Amy - posted on 04/25/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




he is 15 and doesn't go anywhere and when he was 13 we had to resort to taking away everything (cell phone, TV, internet friends) and he has nothing in his room but a mattress on the floor and a box with some basic cloths and he just sat there all day for one year and he consumes his food outside the house he eats food at school and summer school and saves up for the weekend because he sits there and does nothing in school and the school gave up. last year we took him to therapy for a year and all he says is "im not taking them, PERIOD!" to the therapist and to us and we have tried reaching a compromise. i tried finding out why he doesnt want to take the medication hes also very tall and stronger than us and i fear if it’s a matter of life or death he will fight of hospital staff i dont know what else to do i took away every privilege. he also doesnt do chores because hes insistent the way he is with the meds and school


~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/25/2013




What medication are you talking about? Not sure really what is going on. Why does he need meds?

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