Insomnia woes

Denikka - posted on 07/31/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




You would think I'd be ecstatic right about now XD
I have two children-a boy who is 3.5 and a girl who is 1.5-and we've coslept since birth. My son moved into his own bed around the time my daughter was born and, within the last week, we've moved my daughter into her own bed.
The cosleeping thing was great, we really enjoyed it. Even now, the kids are encouraged, but not forced to stay in their own bed. Where it took my son months to even begin to stay most of the night in his own bed, my daughter has totally taken to it. She wakes up once in the night-usually because she's wrapped her blankets around herself and can't kick them off-I go in and settle her, and she's gone for the rest of the night.
Neither kid naps and my son is in bed at 7pm, my daughter around 9pm. My son wakes up about 7:30am and my daughter gets up at 9am)

But even with being able to stretch out on my bed again, I CAN'T FREAKIN SLEEP!!!!
I've always had issues with insomnia. Once I'm asleep, I can sleep for 16+ hours, easily. But getting to sleep is damn near impossible for me. Usually, I'm pretty satisfied and functional if I can get about 6 hours of sleep in a night. That means I'm going to sleep between 1am and 2am. Recently though, it's been getting crazy worse and now I've been falling asleep between 3:30am and 4am. So I've only been getting 3.5-4hrs of sleep a night. It sucks. Super major bigtime XP

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to help me get to sleep easier. I'm terrified of taking any sleeping drugs or anything like that, because I NEED to be able to wake up at a moments notice if anything happens. Hubby sleeps like a rock and cannot wake himself in the middle of the night. It took me 20 minutes for me to wake him up when I went into labour with our first child XD He just doesn't hear anything when he's asleep, so if something happens with the kids, I need to be able to hear it and get up to deal with it.
I've heard about melatonin, but I've also been hearing some negative things about it recently, so anyone with personal experience with it, I'd love your input.
I've tried just about every trick out there that I've been able to find and nothing works. If I try to just lay in bed, I end up staring at the ceiling for hours. If I do something-read a book, watch TV etc-I'm doing that for hours too. It's pretty consistent with when I fall asleep every night, no matter what I'm doing.
I don't have much of a chance to see a doctor-not to mention that I have trouble trusting them-so I'm wondering if anyone has anything that's worked for them. I would REALLY appreciate a good nights sleep XD


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Amy - posted on 07/31/2012




I have heard that you should only use your bed for sleeping that way when you get in bed your body knows its time to go to sleep. I found this article that kind of explains it, I dont know if it will help.

I know I'm really bad about watching tv and doing other things in bed, so it takes me hours to fall asleep but once asleep I'm usually ok to stay asleep unless something is on my mind. Maybe try the suggestions for a couple of weeks and see if it helps, if it does let me know!

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