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Rashmi - posted on 08/10/2016 ( 5 moms have responded )




I recently attended the parent teacher meeting of my 31/2 year old child..................and that was a nightmare for me.she said your child dosent respond to anything ...........she dosent even answer some basic questions.........."what did u have for breakfast" and she dosent hold the pencil properly.
This made me rush to the paediatrician who in turn howled at me and said "give the child more time she will be alright"
My child is sensitive ,throws trantrums at home,talks but unable to form sentences correctly,plays but dosent mingle with other kids,yes of course dosent hold the pencil on her own,follows few of my instructions...........
Please advice...........Please help..............


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Tparashar - posted on 08/12/2016




Their is a program run called the hundred voices which is run in various catholic schools and play groups. This is a Alberta government funded program which focuses on children with speech delays and help in social development . U can google about it. The program is for a whole year starting from September.

Michelle - posted on 08/11/2016




She's only 3.5, she's still so young. Not being able to hold a pencil correctly is normal.
I can't believe your child is in school at that age though, it's very young. Maybe hold her back a year to see if she is more able to handle a school setting then.
It's probably very daunting for her and some children take longer to be emotionally able to handle a school environment.

Asha - posted on 08/10/2016




You should not force your child. Give some activity which is related to the finger movement like painting, colour etc., and interact with your child like talk to her, tell stories and check what interests your child

Dove - posted on 08/10/2016




Not holding the pencil correctly at 3.5 is PERFECTLY normal. If she isn't speaking well/forming sentences you might want to look into some speech therapy services because having more intelligible speech 'might' prevent some of the tantrums.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 08/10/2016




How long has she been at this facility?

I am inclined to agree with the pediatrician. She is still a toddler. Yes, at this age, they begin to learn basic skill, but the fine motor control is still under development. Also, at this age, they do go through a shy phase. Perhaps teacher could get on her level and try to connect a bit more.

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