Interesting issue between siblings

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My daughter is 2.5 and my son is 7.5 months.

My daughter is amazing with her brother. She shares, is caring, and sweet to her brother. She'll have her jealous moments, but it is often short lived. She almost never hits, and will ofter her brother a different toy in place of the one she is playing with.

Now my son on the other hand, he can share toys, but not me. He has gone so far as to push his sister with all of his strength (which isn't much for his size), when ever she is on my lap. He with climb up on me if I'm playing with her and demand my attention right then, sharing it is not an option.

He does adore his sister, he misses her terribly when she is spending time with family away from us, or even during nap time. He just can't stand the idea that he has to share me.

It never even dawned on me that I'd have to deal with this so soon. I thought I'd at least have until he was 1. I really have no idea how to approach it. He's too little for conventional discipline. But something needs to be done, my daughter needs me just as much.


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My son (just turned 1) went through this with his older sister as well. He's out grown it now but what I did was both of them like to play leggos so I would make two piles and sit my daughter at one pile my son at the other. I'd then sit next to my son and play with him for a few minutes, then I'd move over to my daughter and start playing with her, he would crawl over and throw a fit I calmly placed him back at his pile and said "no it's sissy's turn I'll play with you in a few minutes." I'd continue playing with my daughter for a few minutes then go back to playing with him and so on. Every time it was my daughter's turn for my attention and my son came over I corrected him and explained it was not his turn yet. After about a week of doing this every day he started getting better at sharing me, it just took a couple days for him to understand that I can play with both of them. Perhaps you could try something similar and see if it works for you?


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