Interior Design in the Homes of Single Mothers

Jada - posted on 03/03/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am not an actual mother, yet I have a 2 year old brother. He is very much like my child. My mom is always complaining about how much work she has to do because she has three children. I am a junior in high school, working on a project (my senior exit) to collect research on the lives of single mothers in regards to the state and design of the inside of their homes. I need incite on the struggles of single mothers, because of children, work, and many other responsibilities.


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Jada, you shouldn't have to feel that your 2 YO brother is "like your child" because your mother irresponsibly had another kid!

If she's complaining about the "work" created by 3 kids, she needs to remember that SHE WAS THE ONE IN CONTROL OF HER BODY.

At this point, it's not about the design of her home, or anything else, its about her lack of organization, and incentive to get organized. EVERY parent has these problems with getting organized at first, single or not. The difference with a single is that, if they want to continue to produce children without having a stable partner, then they are going to continue to create "work" for themselves. Honestly, honey, I've known PLENTY of singles that don't need any special interior design to help them be efficient, productive, and get things done.

Your mom really needs to step up if you are feeling this burden.

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