Interracial relationship

Sophie - posted on 09/02/2016 ( 7 moms have responded )




Hey I'm I'm 41 I've split up with my husband I've got 3 kids with him.

I got pregnant by a 18 yr old black refugee from Sudan.

But my family are so racist I'm staying with my parents at the moment but they won't let my boyfriend stay with us while we look for a place together

The rest of my family won't and will not accept me my baby or my boyfriend they will only take me back if I have abortion and dump my boyfriend


Jodi - posted on 09/02/2016




Sophie, she is suggesting that the age gap here is inappropriate. And I tend to agree.

However, given your other post, they probably also are unsupportive of the fact that you had been having an affair with this boy while you were married. Unsupportive of what you have done to the rest of your family. I'd imagine colour is the least of their concerns about this relationship.


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Ev - posted on 09/03/2016




I have read both posts and responses on these threads. I have to agree with these ladies. Changing the status of the post over the same problem is not going to make it different or get you different answers. YOU had an affair. You also got pregnant with another man's child no matter his actual age. YOU also hurt your family. Those are the facts.

Michelle - posted on 09/03/2016




This post doesn't make sense. In your other one you say that he is still in France and you are in the UK. You have said they won't let him into the UK but you are looking for a place together.
You may want to get your story straight.
Like I wrote on your other post, the age gap is huge and I hope that he isn't scamming you to be able to stay in the UK. It happens a lot and every woman who has been a victim was always in love.
Just saying.......

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 09/02/2016




perhaps they aren't racist as much as they are disappointed in you for your lack of morals, for you deciding to cheat on your husband with a man-child you enough for you to have given birth to.

Perhaps they are disapproving of your choice to turn your back on your existing children by having a relationship with a person young enough to be their grandchild

You chose to have an inappropriate relationship. These are part of the consequences of your behaviour. I can't say I would treat you any differently, to be quite honest!

If your family is exhibiting racism, remove yourself from them, but don't use racism as your excuse while expecting your family to approve of your actions. You are an adult, but you acted like a brainless teenager, claiming to be "in love". You didn't think about your family then, so why are you worried about what they think now?

Maybe they won't allow a young man who is no relation to live under their roof because you are not married. You said that he isn't currently in the same country as you are at this point anyway, so...

Dove - posted on 09/02/2016




41 and 18... color wouldn't matter to me (color doesn't matter to me), but if I were your family I would not support this relationship either. I'd never want you to kill your child over it and I wouldn't take it out on the child... but your relationship is all kinds of wrong and it has nothing to do w/ color.

If they are racist and do not support you simply based on that though... they aren't people you need to continue relationships w/ in the first place.

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