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When is the best time to start feeding cereal and how much should I feed?


Therese - posted on 07/09/2009




I tried starting my daughter on cereal (the powder rice or oat type) when she was around 6 months. She hated it. We kinda skipped the cereal until she could feed herself cheerios and pieces of bread.


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Mel - posted on 07/11/2009




whenever you and baby are ready mine started at 3 months but not on cereal, it causes constipation and tastes terrible. i started with pureed fruits and vegies, plus rusks with spreads for weight gain

Christal - posted on 07/10/2009




i started using rice cereal form gerber when my daughter was 3 months. i put 1/4 tsp in her last bottle of the night so she would sleep longer. at 4 months i started giving her 2tbsp of it for breakfast. she is now 6 months and she uses the rice cereal still in her last bottle of the night and for breakfast she eats either banana oatmeal cereal or grain blends with yogurt cereal.

Gerber cereal usually will tell you on the back of the box what kind of cereal is best for your baby depending on development...

stages are Birth, Supported Sitter, Sitter, Crawler, Toddler, and Preschooler.

I have this little diagram i got with buying (goodstart) formula for my daughter, it has the stages on it and lets you know what you can feed your child at what stage...hopes this helps

Randi - posted on 07/10/2009




i started my daughter on cereal at 2 and a half months old and is eating baby food stage 1 and 2 as she just turned 5 months old

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babies not having enzymes to digest cereal is making a lot of since to me now...that has to be why he is having a hard time passing his bowel after cereal. I am going to feed him fruits and vegetables only for now. Thanks for all your help.

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Thanks so much,I have tried once with water and he hated it. Then I tried it with milk and he had a hard time passing his bowel. Then a lady recommended I try mixing with applesauce and he still hates it. I think I may wait and just give him fruit like I have been in his pacifier feeder I got him at target.I love his pacifier feeder. I can put fresh fruit in it and hand it to him and he sucks and attempts to chew on it and it is safe.

Thanks again!

Kate - posted on 07/09/2009




Babies don't need cereal. They do not have the enzymes to digest grains until they are 18 - 24 months old. Cereal is traditional because it is cheap, easy to prepare, and bland.

Wait until your baby is 6 months or showing other signs of readiness (which could be a bit sooner or much later) -- interest in what you are eating, loss of tongue-thrust reflex, pincer grip (good for finger foods), still hungry after milk, etc. Then, start with ripe, mashed bananas, avocado, sweet potato, etc. If you want to do finger foods then, Just Tomatoes makes many different varieties of freeze-dried veggies and fruits with nothing added, so they are great for that.

When starting foods, offer just a teaspoon or so at a time. These are just for tasting, not to make up meals. If the baby wants more, she'll ask by opening her mouth or looking eager. Fruits and veggies have lower calories than milk, so they should not replace milk, ever. They are just an addition for experimenting with new tastes and textures.

You can also give babies ground up chicken or egg yolks when they are around 6 months old. Protein is good for them.

Finally, do NOT give babies solids before 4 months of age, and NEVER put it in their bottles. Babies start solids to learn to taste new foods and need the freedom to explore. Putting cereal in their bottles forces them to eat it and is a choking hazard.

Bonnie - posted on 07/09/2009




I run a daycare & we usually start by 3-4 months old by putting 1 teaspoon in their bottle at night , then by 5 months their having 3 scoops with formula in a bowl being fed by a spoon with fruit mixed in for taste..

I hope this helps...

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