Introducing the alphabet/baby songs/baby shows

Teresa - posted on 03/26/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




How can I introduce my daughter to baby shows or what kinds should a 6 month old watch for their brain development? How can I show my daughter shapes/letters/numbers without always using tv?


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Teresa - posted on 03/27/2014




Thanks both of you were very helpful I will try to incorporate more time for reading, shapes, numbers etc. I will see it as more bonding time with my daughter as well. :)

Denikka - posted on 03/26/2014




I'm with Sarah. You don't need the TV at all. Just play and talk to her. Count blocks, sing the alphabet, describe the shapes of things. Just talk, talk, talk.

Kids learn best through play. Learning shouldn't be *work*, it should be fun. It's super easy to incorporate learning into your play times. And beyond that, don't pressure her or worry about it too much :) She's only 6 months old.

Sarah - posted on 03/26/2014




Tv is not recommended at 6 months. The best way to teach is by reading to her and talking to her about what is around her. Shapes, colors, numbers, letters are in almost everything we do. My daughter is 2 yrs old and learned how to count by me counting how many bites of food she took. This has also lead to her learning how to add. We do the alphabet when we brush teeth. We do colors and shapes when we play, eat, read, etc.

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