Irregular periods 5 months after birth

Kellie - posted on 12/03/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi Ladies, I have a beautiful 5 month old boy ( not breast feeding) I first got my period 34 days after birth than again 32, 27 & 29 days but this month I'm up to 32 days and I'm feeling nauseas and I've had cramping for 5 days now and my breast are aching but not sore to touch I have had sex twice this month but husband swears he hasn't .... ! I've taken 5 home pregnancy test all negative. So just wondering if any of you ladies have been through this after birth or am I just stressing over nothing!


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Cara - posted on 12/07/2012




I had similar issues and have a 5 month old (my third child.) I bled off and on like crrrrraaaaazy for the first four months or so even after starting on the pill at 6 weeks. I still haven't had a normal period except for this last cycle was kind of normal.

It's your body's hormones still being wackadoo. My ob/gyn told me it takes a woman's body 2 years to regulate everything back to normal after having a baby. Just stick with it, Most women go 28-32 day cycles.

Tracy - posted on 12/07/2012




I had a baby girl (My second) in May. I had horribly heavy irregular periods. They put me on the pill for three months and all is good now. You may want to try that. Good luck!!!

Michelle - posted on 12/04/2012




I'm sorry but I had a giggle with your post. This line: "I have had sex twice this month but husband swears he hasn't" I'm hoping you just left out a couple of words. XXXXX

In response to your post though, you said you have have gone 32 days before. It can take a while for your cycle to get back to being regular again. If you are really concerned then go to the doctor and get a blood test done. That will confirm either way.

If you don't want to fall pregnant again so soon then you really should be using a reliable form of birth control, even a couple of different types to make sure.

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