Is 3 too young for an imaginary friend??

Amanda - posted on 06/23/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




The last few days my son has been talking about someone named Abby.
I have no idea who this person is he keeps telling that Abby goes to the shops with him?????

We socialize alot with other kids and I know of no child who's name is Abby or even similar. He can describe her hair and eye colour and tell me how old this Abby is.

He is 3yrs 3 months, my husband isn't sure that his imagination is that advanced yet but I don't have another explination for who this person can be.
So my question is is he too young for an imaginary friend or is he at an age that "Abby" could be in his mind???


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Tina - posted on 06/23/2011




it's totally normal. If you are really concerned though go to a paediatrician and get some advice.

Katie - posted on 06/23/2011




No, that's not too young. Every child is different in their growths and strengths. My daughter has been playing with imaginary friends since she reached 2.5 and some kids don't start until they're 4.

Enjoy watching it unfold, it's fun.

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