Is anyone in a similiar situation and have any advice to offer???

Cort - posted on 06/23/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




my daughter is 5 years old. her father has never been an emotional, physical or financial support. he moved to a different state 3 years ago and it has been 2 years since she has seen him. when he did live here, he was not consistent with the visits (custody orders- 2 hours per week supervised visits); mostly when it was convenient for him. he calls sporadically to ask about her, but she never really talks to him. She has recently started asking about her dad and saying that she misses him. i don't have his phone # anymore (his phone was disconnected). She has also started having an attitude and she told me she had an "Angry heart."

i defintely do not want to bad mouth him and keep things positive.... and possibly point out the other male role models she has in her life who love her...

Is anyone in a similiar situation & can offer some advice???


Louise - posted on 06/24/2012




I think you need to steer her into some clubs like the Beaver scouts or sea cadets which are fun activities for all children but are run by men. These groups do all sorts of silly exercises to teach about the outdoors and team playing. My son went there and so will my daughter when she is old enough. I reccommend these groups because she will see what a positive role model a man in her life could have that is not a family member. Scout masters are normally grandfather type figures with helpers that are dads. It also became a family thing as there was always something going on either a family camp weekend or a BBQ or Barn dance. It really involved everyone. If she had something to focus on and look forward to every week, thoughts of her dad would go out of her head. If he turned up now and again fine, she will know who he is and what he is, a deadbeat. You have not had to bad mouth him, your child is not stupid she knows what is going on.

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