Is feeding cheese to children as healthy as milk (or maybe a lil less)

Melissa - posted on 07/06/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Yeah so for the past 3 months I've been feeding my daughters fat free cheese daily in place of milk. Cottage cheese mostly. I do give cheddar and mozzarella in the form of grated cheese salads, cheese sandwiches and cheese parcels. They like it, and it's much easier than drinking milk. The primary reason I switched to the cheese method is to regulate their calcium intake. However I'm concerned whether it will be downright unhealthy feeding them solid cheese.


MaryAnn - posted on 07/06/2015




How old are your kids? For most people, there is debate as to how healthy or even necessary dairy really is. If they're not super young and dont protest... they get calcium from other sources (green veggies), protein (meat and various alternatives and even some veggies) and vitamin d (meat, alternatives, sunlight) I wouldn't see anything wrong with it. I am pro dairy (ALL dairy), and personally choose full fat over non/low fat for two reasons... it has been shown to link to woman's health and weight and distribution of weight... and also, simply avoiding supporting or inadvertently suggesting unhealthy dieting. I dont like suggesting fat is bad, but thats a very personal issue for me.

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