is ham ok???

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hi i have an 8mth old who loves food eats everything we introduce 1 food at a time for a few days she eats all vegies fruit and meats bread she likes ham we discovere this at xmas when she tried leg ham n loved it. she wont eat food pureed or mashed so i cook it and she just has it as finger foods she is very clever when it comes to eating she is stil bf as well. i am wondering because it has been so hot i dont like giving her cooked meat at lunch so i was wondering is smoked ham like soccer ball ham safe im not asking about choking as i know she can eat it if given it but im asking if children this young should have processed meats as i have read processed meats can cause bowel cancer but apparently so does nearly everything else these day so u just dont know if u are doing the right thing so if any one knows anything about this or has experience it would be great!



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My son was the same at 8 months old he wouldn't eat baby food so he just had finger food and I know he had ham, not heaps of it and not every day but occasionally for lunch he would have some or on a sandwhich and he still has it now, I think most things are ok in moderation so long as you use some common sense about it.

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Ya know, I'd probably stay away from ham...any this age. It is jam packed with salt and sugars, it's processed and at 8 months, I'm not sure their little bodies can process that much of all that stuff. She might like it but I think it's best to not give it to her.

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i only give her tiny amounts and not very often n i dont add salt to anything else she eats thanks


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i would reheat it and then let it cool down. there is always the chance there could be something in it and reheating it will kill it

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I don't see the harm in it, I am like you, I don't add any salt or sugar or preservatives to the meals I make for my little girl, so I don't think some ham at lunch will do any damage, just make sure your little one has a drink of water to counteract the salt! My little girl gets ham (a couple of slices on a sandwhich) maybe 3 times a week and has been having ham since about 12 months, she gets a cooked lunch on the other days!! My LO is 15 months old at the moment!

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Yeah, w/ as much salt as ham has.... I'd make it a super rare thing... like a couple times a month at most, but I wouldn't ban it.

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