Is is ADHD? I Dont know?

Roxanne - posted on 10/25/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son has always stuggled in school. He is 7 years and 10 months old now and in the 1st grade. He has had a terrible time with reading and spelling and I finally got him tested by a Child Psychologist. He diagnosed him as "textbook" dyslexic and ADHD.

I wasn't shocked with the dyslexia diagnosis, as I have saw the signs and he had ALOT of them. He wants to read and do well in school. He wants to be "smart". It breaks my heart. He has never been a disruptive child in the classroom. Teachers all say he is a joy to be around, plays well with others, but has a hard time focusing on specific assignments and tasks. Mainly his reading and spelling times.

I just dont understand? Everyone says that a mom would know. Well, he is wild, but nothing unlike my two older children were when they were his age. He isn't obnoxious, and he can sit still quietly if he's doing a task that he enjoys, like Legos, and Video game, coloring pages, etc.

The family doctor has explained that he needs Adderall to help him focus, in order to get past the learning curve (I refuse to call it a disability)of reading, and spelling.

Does anyone out there, have a child on this medicine and think like me? Maybe they want to catagorize him b/c they dont know what else it could be? Please help. None of my children have ever been on anything like this, and of the 3 boys, he is the only one that is having any difficulty in school.


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Karen - posted on 10/25/2012




I wouldn't count on the ADHD diagnosis yet. Sitting in school, especially since it's harder for him to read and write he's going to be antsy. Talk to the teachers they have assistance for children. I know, I have 2 doing IPP because they are also dyslexic. Mine have special computers to use that will 'read' to them when they need it. They also get pulled for extra reading and phonics. My younger son increased 2 reading levels in one grade using these tools. I tell my boys that I think they are very smart, they just learn different, because everyone in different.

If your son is struggling with sitting still, talk to the teacher about 'fidgits'. They are tools the children can use to keep their hands busy so they can concentrate. Some fidgits are stress balls, toys they can squish, move, without making noise. Some times gum can be used also for the same thing - if the teacher will allow it. There are also special seats - half moon with a flat bottom - for the kids to sit on. This way the child can move around on his seat but not be a distraction. BUT...... Of course if it's harder for him to read and write do you blame him for being antsy. Don't worry, fight for your child, talk to the teacher, the school may have to do their own assessment for them to start doing any sort of IPP/IEP programs with your son, but make sure they do what they need to do to get the ball rolling. You did catch him really early and that's a really good thing. Keep harrassing the school and the teacher about getting him on a program eg. Being pulled for extra reading/phonics help (although children who are dyslexic may never understand the concept of phonics, practice the doltch sight words) He can also get some technology assistance especially for writing. Good luck. If you have any other question pls PM me. I have done this with my 2 older boys and I know the frustration. :)

Mary - posted on 10/25/2012




My stepdaughter is on ADHD medication and she sounds a lot more out of control than your son. Although she is able to sit quietly for short periods and work on a task while she's on the medication, she absolutely can't sit still ever. She is either moving or tapping her feet, playing with something in her hand or picking at something at ALL times. There have been times where her mom didn't get her meds to us on time and when she goes without them it's like she's on speed or something. If your child is able to behave well in class without medication I think maybe you should hold off. My stepdaughter struggles in class even with the medication. If there are other teaching methods to help him get past the dyslexia then maybe that'll be enough. Although my stepdaughter really needs the medication I think they are often too quick to try and medicate kids instead of trying different methods to teach them. I think if he had ADHD it'd be pretty obvious, but that's just my opinion from my experience.

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