Is it a good idea to get your kids name tatooed on your neck?

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I have to older kids and I'm in a relationship,But my husband is only my kids stepfathers.Any Advise?


JuLeah - posted on 03/23/2011




? Huh ? You want to get your child's name inked on your neck? Your body, your choice. He wants to do this? His body, his choice.

Krista - posted on 03/23/2011




Yeah, I think we need clarification here. Who's getting the tattoos? You, or your husband?

Christy - posted on 03/22/2011




I wouldn't. Period. If you plan on working ever, unfortunately a tattoo on your neck is going to stick out like a sore thumb. It's great to love your kids that much, but it's all in the heart and doesn't have to be printed on your body. JMO. :)

Jenn - posted on 03/23/2011




I personally think the ankle is a trashy place for a tattoo. I guess we're all different, huh? I don't see a problem with it, it's your body and your choice. My neighbour got her daughter's name tattooed on the back of her neck not long ago. It looks really nice, and she works in a nursing home with no problem. It's not like she got it on her face or something. Most shirt collars and/or your hair would cover it if that's a concern.

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I personally think the neck is a trashy place for a tattoo, but hey, not my body! Mine are on the ankle & right hip. Easy to cover so I can still look professional at work.


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Leah - posted on 03/25/2011




everyone has different opinions on tattoos,
I myself have quite a few, and in very visable places, and i think im not all trashy!
But if he wants their names its his decision and no one elses

Melanie - posted on 03/24/2011




I would say that if your husband is thinking of getting your childrens' names tattooed on himself, and he is only their stepfather, I would not allow it. If it is you that is thinking of getting your own childrens' names tattoed, I think that is an excellent idea. I have been pondering the idea myself. I have to wait until I am COMPLETELY done nursing, though. I have a nine month old, who is nursed, and I am expecting another one in the fall.

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Keshia - my ex is like that he has 13 and you wouldn't know it til he turns out his arms i will admit its pretty impressive

Sarah - posted on 03/24/2011




IMO, I don't have any tatts so I cannot say where you or your hubby should get one. I personally see no point in tattooing anything on your's sort of rediculous. BUT, if you must, why not put it somewhere hidden by clothes? Most bosses and companies don't like the inked-up them it's that's why I say put it somewhere where it wouldn't be seen *(unless of course, you have a job where it doesn't matter, like a tattoo/piercing artist)....

Keshia - posted on 03/24/2011




I show my children love everyday. I had my son 3 days before my 20th bday. So I was fairly young when I started having kids. His name was my first tattoo. I now have a total of 9. I had my daughter 4 years after my son. I'm a little older now, but I didnt see the problem with me getting her name also. I have both of my children's names. And even with 9 tattoos, most people do not know I have any at all. And it's not as if I got out of my way to hide any of them. I just thought about getting a job in the future and put them in places they could be covered. And also they are not in any place, people cant see. And if you do not like tattoos, there was no need to comment and display your disgust.

Amanda - posted on 03/24/2011




I would hate to have anyone's name put on my body in permanent ink. But I actually don't like tattoos anyway. As you age, skin texture and elasticity change and soon what was a colorful picture of a butterfly is a gray-ish oddly shaped circle. I prefer to show my kids I love them by telling them everyday. :) Either way, just make sure if you (or your husband) gets the tattoo, it's something you can live with forever.

Bonnie - posted on 03/24/2011




Krista, I could be wrong, but I am taking as her husband is the one thinking about the tattoo because she mentions that her husband is only her children's stepfather. I don't see why else she would mention that.

Jenni - posted on 03/24/2011




For a woman I think the shoulder blade is a nice spot. Easy to hide if necessary, easy to reveal if desired. I don't feel a tattoo in that location looks 'trashy' at all.
For a guy... the same area would be nice. Oh, or the chest would be nice! Right by the heart would be really appropriate for that type of tattoo. :)

Cheyenne - posted on 03/23/2011




i have a tattoo on the back of my neck( actually its more on my bone lump thing right there) but when i wear a shirt you cant see it. its not my sons name its something else. i do have my sons foot prints and whole name on my back shouler though. i say you can have it anywhere you want but i choose to put mine wear you cant see it all the time

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your body your choice. its your child so go for it. now if its the step father who is the one wanting the tattoo, has he ever possibly thought that you guys wouldnt last forever and that there would be these tattoos of children who are not his and some other woman would get pretty furious... but since there is no clairification on who is gettin the tattoo, then nobody can really honestly answer this question

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i have my sons name tattooed on my foot its really cute theres a red star at the beginning then "Marshall" in cursive and a blue star at the end (if you go to my profile on here its the display pic i think) i plan to get all my kids names tattooed on my feet (i want four so one on each side of the foot) i get a lot of compliments on it and its even more special because i designed it myself.

note to add the picture is on my child's space...he is Marshall and he likes my foot on his head :P

Bonnie - posted on 03/23/2011




I think it is great that he wants to do that, but it might be better to get the tattoo somewhere else. On the neck you can't exactly hide it if you need to unless he would where turtlenecks.

Jenni - posted on 03/22/2011




Wow! He is that commited that he's wants to get his SKs names tattoo'd. That is amazing! He must be a wonderful guy to make such a commitment. That really makes me smile. I'm sure if he loves them that much to consider having their names tattoo'd, he loves them unconditionally. An interesting gesture to say the least but the underlying message is so beautiful. :)) You're a lucky lady and your kids are lucky to have such a commited SD.

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I will be getting a tattoo of my daughters name soon, but it's not going to be on my neck. That is just too visible and if I ever want a job in customer service or where people will be seeing me that would be a horrible place to get it (unless it can be covered with hair).

Louise - posted on 03/22/2011




If these are your children and you want a tattoo then have one but remember that this will always be visible. If you are unsure then wait a while and think on it.

Danielle - posted on 03/22/2011




So.. you want to get the tattoo, or your kids stepfather?
..and your husband, their stepfather wants to get their names tattoo'd on his neck?

I dont see the problem.. as long as it isn't gaudy.
If this is your husband, you should feel happy that he loves your children enough to do something like this. I see it as a symbol of his love. Even though he isn't their biological father he still cares enough to want them with him always.

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