Is it Abuse?

Bonnie - posted on 04/19/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My eldest grandson aged 12 nearly 13 lives with his father,since the father gained custody of him in 2010 from my daughter. over the last few years i have noticed worrying behaviour from the grandson when i get weekly visits (once a week, four hours) such things as hitting, swearing, obession with porno movies ect. but i thought i was being a prude nanna . So i voiced concern to the father and not many months later, i was caught up in going to court because it was alleged the father had punched my eldest grandson in the head. unfortunately 5 months later we are still working on trying to have it heard in court.
A new story from the youngest grandson aged 11 has me worried, he said he heard his father discussing with his girlfriend how to stop the eldest masturbating, they were heard by the youngest grandson planning to use cut up chilies on his hands so the burning on his hands will make him think twice about touching his lower parts, From what I've researched it sounds horribly painful and not easy to stop the burn.
My eldest grandson suffers learning difficulties, so should I report it, even though it may not have happened as yet (to the youngest knowledge). Plus the eldest makes comments like "dont try it, it really burns" but when you ask him if it has already happened he refuses to talk as he knows last time he spoke up his mother and i took him to the police (over the alleged punch in the head)


Joanne - posted on 04/19/2015




the child needs to go live with you as hard as it is. he needs temporary custody by you
thats all is know except agencie for childrens and families who can give advice in every state and county.

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