IS it alright to just take folic acid during my first trimester?

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I started by taking folic acid, New Obimin (multi-vit for pregnant and lactating mothers) and calcium. However, I felt nausea and had very poor appetite and felt tired. I stopped taking New Obimin (as suggested by my gynea, and I felt a bit better. I also stopped taking calcium supplements yesterday and I felt so much better and was able to do more household chores.

I am nine weeks now.

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Jessica - posted on 08/14/2016




I had severe sickness as well but meds, no way. However, an organic tea No to morning sickness tea alleviated my nausea and vomiting all in a sudden and it's totally preservative-free and organic. Completely safe for my baby and me.

Elfrieda - posted on 03/28/2013




Yes, I did that with both my children. It's impossible for me to get those enormous prenatal vitamins down when I'm feeling nauseated, and the midwife said it was fine, try again in the second trimester. With my son I never ended up taking them until after he was born, and with my daughter I managed to start again about half-way through the pregnancy. All those vitamins and things are just supplements, just in case your body isn't getting enough from your food. If you eat healthily, they probably aren't even needed.

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