Is it Aspergers?

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My son was tested by doctor as PDD-NOS when he was 2 yr 1 month. We are continuing speech and OT therapies since then. Now he is 3 yrs 11 months old. His IQ is tested to be 120 to 125. He has a very large vocabulary (over 1500 words). He can recognize all shapes, colors, animals, transport, alphabets, numbers etc. He can also read any type of words. His reading skills match to a 7.5 yr old child (this is tested by doctor again). However, his speech is delayed. He combine two words to express himself. He can understand lot of things and never forgets. But he can not answer questions and do not understand why, what, where etc. He know his name very well, but if we ask :"what is your name" - he do not respond half of the times. He gives good eye contact, have negligible meltdown issues, smiles, tells me if he is happy or sad, very affectionate and gives lots of hugs and kisses to us. He remember his classmate names also. He does have sensory and hyperactivity issues but at a moderate level now after therapy. He gives smile to known people and want to play with kids. He just cannot strike any conversation due to speech delay issues.

I am confused if its Aspergers or High Functioning Autism? PLEASE HELP


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That is something only the pros can actually tell you. We do not know your child's health history.

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