Is it common, or relatively rare for parents to kick their child out onto the streets for behaviour they don't like without warning the child that it's coming to that?

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In your experience/to your knowledge.

a 16 year old child...


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One thing to keep in mind Jodi, is that a warning about behaviour being unacceptable and a warning about being kicked out are two different things. "This behaviour is unacceptable! You'd better turn it around pronto or there will be consequences!" vs " Keep this up and you're out of here!" Definite difference, not many kids would relate the two.

I'd think it is very rare for it to happen without warning. But I do know two teenagers (16) who were kicked out with no warning. My friend's mother was a serious drug addict, who kicked him out repeatedly at the drop of a dime for usually petty reasons. The other was me. My mom *was* an alcoholic (8 years sober now!) and we'd always had a strained relationship. After we blew up at each other because she and my dad didn't show up to a counseling session they agreed to come to, she threw me out for calling her on her substandard parenting. Of course, those weren't the exact words I used.

So I guess I should rephrase myself... I think it's rare in a normal, sober home with reasonable parents, for a kid to be kicked out with no warning. At least I would hope so. I could only imagine it happening if the teen's offense was severe.

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I have known a few people that were kicked out of the house without warning but then again, they had some pretty shitty ass parents to begin with. Personally, it would have to be pretty damn bad in order for me to kick my child out, even with a warning. I've seen how hard it is for the kids that are kicked out and I just couldn't put my babies through that.

BTW: My children are 3 and I'm pregnant with the second one. I've got a while before I have to think about this type of thing.

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I had a similar experience. My husband's parents gave advice for me to kick our daughter out (14). For myself that is not an option, no matter what. And I do believe this an on going with my inlaws due to above comments made by life style choices they made. It would be extreme measures to kick a child out. Note: I was locked out of my parents house at 16 due to an 8:00 curfew and I got home at 7:50?

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I was kicked out at 15 years old for needing knew shoe's! My mother is alcohol dependent and I needed new shoes I asked her to give going out a miss so I can have some and she beat me up! two weeks ago my nephew got in to a argument with his mother he's also 15 and he's now living with me.

It would have to be so extreem of a reason for me to ever turn my back on my kids or my nephew now.

Why do you ask?

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Oh, I realise that :) That's why I said in some way, and then I couldn't go back and edit my post and gave up......sorry. But that is the main reason I was hoping the OP might come back and give more detail, because I am concerned that she might be the 16 year old who was kicked out.

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No. I don't know anyone who has kicked out a 16 year old, but I have known some kids between 16 and 18 who have not been able to live at home for various reasons.

I'd think it was highly unlikely a kid would get kicked out without any warning. There have to have been warnings about the behaviour being unacceptable in some way. But being 16, and a teenager, they probably just didn't pay attention and THINK they didn't get warning and didn't do anything wrong.

Regardless, that's a pretty harsh and desperate reaction to a 16 year old's behaviour.

Want to tell us what happened?

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