Is it dangerous to have my 2 year old in a hot tub?

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My step mom has a hot tub that she just got for summer and I love going in it to relax. I want to bring my daughter in with me but I was told that it causes brain damage, but I was also told that it is ok to have them in only for about 5 minutes. Should I just avoid it all together ?


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This topic was just on the news. I'll echo what Krista said: babies/toddlers/small children cannot regulate their body temperature or even voice their discomfort as well as an adult body can. Even hot tub manufactuers put that wanring label for a reason! Why risk your child's health? Now in the circumstance of adjusting the water temperature to a "warm" setting...I guess that's better, but still could possibly be dangerous. Kids can have heat strokes quicker than adults becasue their internal body temps can be elevated quicker than an adult. People with long hair can be sucked into the air bubble jet and lead to drowning. YOU want to relax, but then if you are relaxing WHO is watching your toddler?! While I have not heard of brain damage associated with a hot tub, I have heard of heat strokes, cardio-vascular swelling and being caught into the pump drain leading to drowning. Sorry, bu tthe best advice is to keep your kid out of the hot tub! I won't even let my 6 year old in the hot tub for the same reason and all the whining in the world won't change my mind.

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well i went on vacation and stayed with family who had a we hottub, we just turned the heatdown to a degree or 2 above body temperature, no higher than 99 and Logan loved it at 11 months, no brain damage either. was just like a warm bath with bubbles. Since the weather sat at about 104f + humidity, the hottub was might refreshing even at 99f.

i would avoid taking a baby/toddler into a hot, hottub. But if you can turn the heat down and enjoy a warm tub then i dont see the harm personally. thats what i did !

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At this age I'd avoid it. IF she were happy to sit on the edge and just put her feet in I'd say that would be ok, but what 2 year old is going to just sit there? ;)

When my nephew was 4 (14 years ago) we went on a vacation w/ a hot tub and he was in there for about 5-10 minutes at a time and was fine...

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I don't think it is wise to have such a small child in a hot tub as they can not control there temperature enough to get themselves out of trouble. I would wait to use the hot tub in the evening when youngster is asleep and out of harms way.

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WHAT?! that has nothing to do with babies in hot tubs shanon! but anyways.... anyone that young shouldn't be in the hot tub

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Nope, not a good idea, infact if you go on a cruise or any public hot tub there is a sign usually posted that children under 16/18 (can't remember) are not too go into the tub. It's really not a good idea, children's body's have a hard time controlling body temps and may make them feel uncomfortable. Hot tubs are too warm for them.

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Babies and toddlers are not as efficient at regulating their own body temperature, and they overheat easily. For that reason, doctors recommend that they not be allowed in hot tubs at all. It's not worth the risk. Perhaps you could have your stepmom babysit your daughter for an hour or two while you veg in the hot tub? It'd be more relaxing anyway not having to worry about her.

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