is it good if my daughter drinks less milk in a whole day and eat other food


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Kim - posted on 09/06/2013




Deoending on her age. My son had trouble gaining weight in toddlerhood and a nurtitionist told me he needs less milk so he won't get full on it, and more real food. If she is having trouble growing you should keep a food journal for her and take your concerns to a doctor or otherwise appropriete professional.

Sarah - posted on 09/06/2013




Depends on your daughter's age. Before 12 months her formula or breastmilk should be her major source of food. This is what carries the most nutrition at her age and what her body needs the most. After 12 months then food should be the major source and milk should be down to about 3-4 glasses a day. One thing to note is that just like when they were a baby and went through growth spurts their drinking went up and down the same will be true when they are eating table food and drinking from a glass. Some days they will hardly drink or eat anything and then other days it will be a never ending pit. Over a weeks time or so you just want to make sure she is getting a balance diet eating the right amount of fruits and veggies and not consuming all her meals as milk.

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