Is it hard to be a prostitute and a mom?


Angela - posted on 09/25/2014




Are you speaking about yourself? Or someone you know?

I'm sure most on here would agree that it's hard raising children alongside ANY job - and morality aside, it really is just a job. Many do it because they do not have (or feel they do not have) any other marketable skills or assets or means of earning. Many do it for the first time when they're in dire straits financially whilst raising children alone.

One of the most expensive projects in life is becoming a parent. Many prostitutes may be able and willing to scrub floors or do some menial work but

a) it doesn't pay much and
b) that job opportunity - even in cleaning - may not be available - or there is competition amongst several candidates.

Basically, I believe that women in this line of work are looking for a way to earn a decent amount that doesn't take them away from their children for too long at a time.

Of course there will be practicalities (as there might be with ANY job) and these could impact on your question of "Is it hard to be a prostitute and a mom?"

Remember that it can be very dangerous and girls who do this for a living are exposing themselves to a lot of danger and generally don't have the protection of the Law.

So yes, it probably IS hard to be a prostitute and a mom!

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