is it just a phase?

Tamara - posted on 03/29/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 3 and a half and he likes dressing up in my dresses and high heels, playing with barbies,etc. I dont see anything wrong with it, i think its just a phase. He's home with me everyday so he sees me putting on makeup and doing girly things so he just wants to copy me. But my husband thinks that he shouldnt be doing these things and that in fact he might turn out gay! I thought it was absolutely ridiculous but he really seems to believe this and he blames me for letting him do these things. Should I be worried or is this just a phase?


Elfrieda - posted on 03/29/2012




I have a bunch of toys from my own childhood that my 2-year-old now plays with, so just this morning he was running around with a bunch of necklaces from the dress-up box around his neck, wearing a purse with a dump truck in it, and kicking a balloon. I don't think it means anything except that kids like to play. I did snicker a little, and thought I should take a picture of it to show at his wedding. ;) (he also finds my shoes and clomps around the house in them - I think he likes them better than my husbands because they're louder)

If it bothers your husband, maybe you could put away the Barbies (do you have daughters, or why does he have access to them?) or show him how they can fit into a car and go for a ride across the kitchen floor. Also, I wouldn't let my son dress up in my dresses - he'll ruin them!

Anyway, personally I think it's just kids playing, but if it bothers your husband it might be a good idea to try to steer him toward "boy toys" because he shouldn't feel any disapproval coming from his father. If anything could "turn him gay", that might.


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Two nights ago my girls had their brother (4) in one of their dresses, pig tails, and nail polish... lol He also pretends to be Peter Pan and King Arthur. ;) I'm not worried at all. He's being raised in a house w/ all women, so that is what he knows. I do make sure he has plenty of 'guy time', but he is ALL boy (if that makes sense).

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