is it legal 4 my neighbor 2 video record my children at the bus stop?

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I live in Pa, mom of 4 children ages 17,14,12,8...we just moved from the town to the country...we are renting a apartment and my male neighbor who recently (4 weeks ago) fliped my 7 yr old daighter off when she got off the bus ans was walking up the lane....we all share at the botton of the driveway that part of the driveway and then it splits off into 3 seperate longer driveways....anyway my lardlord who lives above me who has alot of mental issues to say the least had been hearing about the neighbor harrassing the kids when they got off the bus and decided to call the police...i wasnt home i was in town with my son for pt on his shoulder so i get home and im sitting at the table and my front door is open and i hear this man yelling at my kids calling them little m fers and sayn her was gonna kick their a*ses if he caught them on his lane again....which by the way he was grandfathered in2 at some point idk when because we had just moved here but it is the only way to get in and out and there isnt anyway around it soooo...i went out and i said i dont think so blah blah blah f ur gona kick any of my kids ass u'll have to go thro me ect...and he was screaming back asking me why did i calld the cops on him which i didnt at this point even know what he was talking about he starts laughing saying i got you on tape now bitch and your goin to jail just prior to this happening he had i guess spray painted an orange line across the lane about 40 feet up towards our lane off his property my son who just turnd 14 was rideing the 4-wheeler down the lane and was told by the landlord when he seem the orange line to turn on it which his front wheel appartently went over the line and the neighbor jumpd outa the woods yelling at him saying "i gota you now you little m fer ur trespassing in his face with the camcoder and i wonna know why you guys called the cops on me" (which by this point i hadnt) so the state police called me(because he called on my son for crossing his line) and i talked to them and said i wasnt ever aware that there was an issue until 2nite as far as the driveway and that the kids will not be allowed to go down it with the 4wheeler talked to him i also told him i do not want this man to have and contact with my children and the cop said i will let him know so i thought everything was ok later that night (5 hrs later to b exact) the state police are knocking on my door with a fine for me for harrassment because of the arguement that took place between him and i, he called and 2nd time to make it i guess look like 2 seperate issues plus the cops said for not having control of my children (by the way my son that crossed his line was with me in town he was getting therapy and had not been told either the police had even been here) and for repeatedly harrasing him over the property line.he also got the same fine im not sure exactly for what..o by the way this was the very first time i had ever even spoke to this man and i rent and honestly have no clue nor do i care about the property line the only time we cross it is to come and go and the kids to get back and forth to next morning the kids go to the bus stop and him and his wife are down there video recording my 4 children yelling at them saying they are not allowed at the bus stop they need to stand on the other side of the road calling them names telling my kids the only 1 thats allowed on the driveway is the landlord ect when the bus gets there he gets on the bus and tell the bus driver he wants my kids to cross the street from now on and he dose not want them on "his" property..which she replied i just drive the bus and i cant do anything about he gets off t he bus and followed the kids to school my son textd me and told me about what had happened so i thought just to be safe i better go down and get them when they get off the bus...which i was sitting in my car and he was recording me, the kids get off the bus and were telling me so i sat there and called the state police ( i was heading into town and i do not have cell service on my main road thats y i was sitting in my car in the driveway) so i look in my mirror and he is recording me in my car y? i have no clue guess i am tresspassing idk so the police show up and i have my kids let them tell them what had happened at the bus stop. i do not want my children harrased at the bus stop or video recorded by a stranger idk what he is doing with those the stateys came out and went up and talked to them idk what was said cause they didnt come back but i took my children to the bus stop this am and he recorded them again from his car i guess im just curious to know what i can do because calling the police dosnt seem to stop him from recording them my 7 yr old is freaked out about even going outside of the house! is it even legal for him to do this? and what should i do?


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Make police reports every time he harasses you or your children. This harassment is grounds to break your lease and move before August.

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Call the cops and find out if he is a registered sex offender. When the cops ask you why you want to know, tell them that he has been making video tapes of your seven year old at the bus stop. . . . . .

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thanx everyone for your replys and advice! I have read that it is illegal to audio record and i know he has done that,but proving that unless he is dumb enough to use it is gonna be hard!I figure im just gona video tape him maybe play his own game if i see him doing it then i will do the same i guess and as for my kids at the bus stop im am just planing on not allowing my kids to walk to and from there alone anymore. I also contracted the school this am about him going on the bus and was told its illegal for him to step onto the bus which i did not know so they are going to press charges on him for for moveing it not even possible for us to move until maybe August! He has had issues with every1 who has lived here so its not like its just us!! thanx again every1 for all your advice!

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Move if you can. Videotape that creep harassing your kids if you can't. It's a bus stop and your kids should have every right to BE at the bus stop!!

If the landlord won't help you and the police won't help you... your only option may be to move anyway. I would NOT speak to or interact w/ this man in any way, shape, or form from this point on. If he is yelling at you and/or your kids.... pull out your video camera, but keep your mouth shut and tell your kids to do the same (as far as keeping their mouths shut). I don't blame your 7 year old for being scared. I'm 34 and I'D be scared living next to that guy. :(

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This man should not be video taping any children whether you are his neighbour or not.

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I'm sure by now, this problem has been resolved but I can relate to this and feel it to be worthy enough to share my opinion. First of, you and especially you're don't have to tolerate that sort of harassment from anyone. Suggesting that you try moving is a wise choice, but in some cases it's easier said than done depending on your situation.

If this lunatic is causing some sort of stress on your children through repeated intimidation, I'd say that should be a good enough reason to seek legal action. However, you'll need to build up your case first in order for it to stick in a court of law, This takes some time though but it just all depends on how much hell this piece of work has put your family through to determine if it's worth your time or not.

If this is something you have considered doing, you'll need to start with a documented journal, video recordings/audio of his repeated harassment, and get a copy of the report every time the cops come out. Any time the lunatic shows up harassing your family, don't participate in a fools argument because that's what he wants you to do, your above that crap. He thinks he's being clever to reel you in, but your smarter then that. Just get it on tape if possible and call the cops every time your or the kids get harassed. Maybe with enough evidence in your built up case, you can at least place a restraining order on him. Any adult man who harasses little kids obviously suffers from "little man syndrome"

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Lord have mercy! Call the cops on this weirdo. Legal or not if it makes you feel unsafe that is what the cops are there for

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Drive then to and from school - screw it. Ignore the drama, get up earlier and get passed this insanity. Get passed it, because you don't know what he will do, and your job is to protect these children. That's my 2 cents. A 7 year old doesn't need this as his "childhood memories" and much less to be threatened. School is hard enough - drive them. The minor cost of gas will give them a lifetime of security - and while your out: find a new place to live-fast-so when your lease is up - you are out, and your kids are safe.

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Good to know they're going to press charges for him being on the school bus. Hopefully it'll make the cops take your complaints about him a bit more seriously.

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It's very difficult to read your post because of the lack of punctuation and paragraphs.

That said, from what I can work out of what you are saying, it would seem the best plan just to move. The neighbour sounds like he has serious issues and I doubt that he will let it rest at this point. If it's not his 'orange line of doom', it'll be something else.

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I don't know about PA but WI has a website called Wisconsin Circuit Court Access. This will show all of a person's offenses so long as you have a first initial and last name (preferably knowing their full name or d.o.b.). I don't think this is the man's 1's time harassing he older by chance (around 60+)? possible senile or dementia?

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If he is a renter also, then it isn't his property. It belongs to the land lord. So, he would have no grounds as to your kids being on the property. As far as video taping, I don't think you can stop him, but fight him back with his own game. Try taping him harrassing your children. The verbal harassment is illegal, but I don't think the police can technically do anything if they don't have physical evidence or don't witness it themselves. This should be enough to get a restraining order on him, and then the police could do something to him with a restraining order. I know you said your landlord is nuts, but see if you can talk to him and get his cooperation. Tell him that if he witness anything, to write it down when and where and if he can hear why. Moving is expensive, and I know you just moved there, but for the safety of your children, you may need to get out of there. If you have a lease, try talking to a lawyer (most have free consultations) and see if you would legally be able to get out of the contract because of this situation. He/she may be able to give you even better advice on how to deal with the neighbor also. One thing, since the neighbor is already acting this crazy, I wouldn't recommend you trying to get him evicted, because there's no telling what he would do if that happened.

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uh, move. that guy obvisiouly has serious issues, and i would trust him as far as i could throw him....

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My first instinct is to tell you to move. The guy is a damned nut, and your landlord doesn't sound any better.

Your landlord should be dealing with this, if one of his tenants is harassing another tenant, but he's not.

Unfortunately, there are very few laws against videotaping people out in public, because in public, they do not have "a reasonable expectation of privacy."

So, if your neighbour stood out in the public street, and videotaped your kids in your yard, there's not a damned thing you can do about it except make a harassment complaint, which may or may not be taken seriously by police.

HOWEVER, you may have a bit of an option here. It is illegal to go onto someone else's private property to videotape. This guy is a tenant, not the property owner. If your landlord was willing to file charges, saying that this man is videotaping on HIS property, it may be taken more seriously.

It's a very long shot, though.

I still stand by my first advice -- get the hell out of there.

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